Some of our favorite projects have been the jobs where we were able to work with the client to highlight unique historic features during a building remodel or build-out. At times, preserving historic or period details of a structure can present challenges, but in the end provides cultural interest and historic significance to the building. By preserving historic details of a property there is a retention of history and a certain authenticity and charm that remains with the structure even if the purpose has changed.

Things to consider:

  • Do you have a local architectural restoration commission or preservation office with guidelines?
  • What materials (stone, decorative metal or wood) can be reused, recycled or repurposed?
  • Can minor modifications be made to adapt existing structures for new uses?
  • What upgrades can be made to meet modern requirements and codes, but still preserve historic details?
  • Are historic tax credits or grants available to defray project costs?

Preserving original craftsmanship details of historically significant structures can be extremely rewarding for all involved. And interestingly, often rehabilitation projects can cost less than new construction. The Dixon Construction Group has the expertise necessary to help clients maintain the period details and historic feel of their existing structure, while addressing safety concerns, updated building codes and adding desired modern conveniences.

Have a structure remodel or build-out where historic architectural restoration is important? Contact us today (please link this to the contact page) to talk about bringing your project to life, while preserving historic or period details.

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