Microbrewery growth nationwide has more than doubled in the last few years, and it doesn’t appear to be letting up anytime soon.

Indiana craft brew lovers just can’t seem to get enough. Overall beer sales may have been down last year, but craft beer sales were up more than 17%.  The boom is so large in the state of Indiana that there are state-sanctioned crowdfunding sites that skew towards the craft brewery industry.

From downtown to Irvington to the Northside suburbs, microbreweries are continuing to pop up all over Central Indiana, while more established names such as Sun King are continuing to invest and expand their operations – most recently their newly added tap room and small-batch brewery in Fishers, Indiana. The Brewers Association states that Indiana is far from tapped out. Currently 8 out of every 100 of the beers sold in the state are craft.

With such readily available avenues for raising capital and customer demand so high for unique brews, the sky is the limit for Indiana craft breweries, both growing breweries and start-ups.

Are you an up and coming craft brewer starting to map out concepts for your brewing operation? Or maybe an establish microbrewery strategically planning for future growth? With either scenario, The Dixon Construction Group is your go-to builder and general contractor with expertise in the art of brewpubs, microbreweries and tap rooms. Let our previous experience in brewery and tap room build-outs save you time and money.

We’re well-versed in the specific infrastructure requirements of the microbrewery industry, including the specialized systems required for brewing, fermenting, clarifying, tapping, packaging and barrel storage. As well as the very specific drainage, piping and electrical requirements. We work with our microbrewery clients to develop a detailed master schedule to accommodate for project milestones, major equipment delivery and needed permits. We also think ahead and proactively discuss with our clients their game plan for future expansions.

Indiana is thirsty for unique independent brews, and the Dixon crew is proud to be able to be a part of helping bring to life the structures for an ever growing Indiana industry.

Want to talk microbrew construction? Contact us today (please link this to the contact page) to talk about your project.

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